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Sanbros Engineering Works offers a fine range of products to satisfy the needs and wants of its esteemed customers.

Industrial Equipment, Steel Fabrication & Industrial Job Work

We carry out Steel Fabrication and Industrial Job work for a variety of industrial equipment as per the stipulations and drawings given by the clients. We offer all these services at the industry leading prices, and pay full care to the quality and the requirements of the clients.
Steel Fabrication Job Work

Compact Fluorescent Lamp & Led Bulbs(CFL)

Apart from having an expertise in the superior magnetic products, Sanbros Engineering Works also manufactures and exports compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and led bulbs. It comprises almost all sorts of CFL bulbs, which give off light as soon as a mixture of three phosphors is exposed to ultraviolet light from mercury atoms. The diverse classes of CFLs we offer have been given under:
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Twin Tube Lamps: A lamp with two parallel tubes is called Twin Tube Lamps. They have been designed to fit into lamps, task lights, recessed ceiling lights and wall lights, and also known as a "Biax" or "Dulux" lamp.

Quad Tube Lamps: Quad Tube Lamps offer almost the identical light output as twin-tube of equal wattage, though they come in only half the length. They slot-in better in smaller lamps and similar applications, and are also known as "Double Biax", "PL Clusters" or "PLC" lamps.

Triple Biax Lamps: These lamps produce even more light in a shorter bulb as they offer a high amount light output from a bulb that takes up a very small amount of space. They are employed in incandescent bulbs, such as table lamps

Spiral Lamps: A constant tube in a spiral shape happens to be the shape of the spiral lamps. These are the most admired models of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Circular Lamps: These lamps have been designed for reading lamps and other lamps, which bring into play a circular light.

Led Bulbs
We offer led bulbs, meant especially for home lighting applications. These are commonly used in toilets, staircase landings, parking areas and virtually any part of the home. These bulbs serve a vast purpose in other areas than the homes, and extensively used in hotels, hospitals and offices. Adjustable in normal bulb holders, these specific bulbs have been offered in 1.5 and 3.2 w respectively. For mains (where 230 v ac is needed) as well as 12 v dc operations, these bulbs can be taken in use. Often they are employed in the place of CFLs, as it ends up using negligible power of around 3w and comprise a long life. It’s not only eco-friendly, even offers cool and bright light in the time of need.

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