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Sanbros Engineering Works offers a fine range of products to satisfy the needs and wants of its esteemed customers.

Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets

We present Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets that are quite effective as correction magnet in color picture tube and deflection yoke.
Plastic Bonded Permanent Magnets Size Available:

Convergence Purity Magnets

We have an edge in presenting Convergence Purity Magnet. It is basically a magnetic beam-adjusting device for use in the region of the neck of an in-line type color picture tube and is composed of three pairs of plastic magnet rings. Virtually each pair comprises 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole plastic magnet rings. The tool comprises a magnetic field distribution suited to a silky adjustment of the electron beam, as a result permitting centralization and rotation of electron beam in the order of the color picture tube.
Convergence Purity Magnets

Neck Dia:
29 mm

Size Available:
For 14", 20", 21", 29" tubes

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